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Providing general legal services to clients with issues primarily in family law, mediation, workers' compensation, basic estate planning, and landlord tenant matters. You can expect reasonable rates, reliable service, and knowledgeable representation.

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About Gregory Martin

Change is constant. Conflict is inevitable. Choosing the right attorney may be the most important decision you make. Good attorneys are responsive to your needs, give you sound legal advice, and produce successful results. You can rely on Gregory Martin to achieve those goals. Attorney Martin will work closely with you for your benefit at a reasonable cost.

Gregory Martin has practiced law in New Hampshire for thirty years and mediated as a certified family mediator for over nineteen years. He is also licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. He has the experience to achieve the best results for you and your family. Contact us   →

Great Lawyer
Greg Martin is experienced, competent, educated and maneuvers easily within the court system. He is conscientious about the costs associated with going to court and makes a great effort to contain them. He was as enthused about our case on day one as he was on day 356...and counting. He has won key battles for us. Bravo to Greg for not only tolerating a contentious case, but for being steady, kind and trustworthy.
Excellent at What He Does
Greg is very friendly, timely, knowledgeable, and willing to take the time to answer any and all questions when it comes to his profession. I sought Greg's services to complete my will and advance directives and with my limited knowledge on the subject I really appreciated that he always made sure I understood everything and was comfortable with what I was signing. I also found his staff to be very friendly both over the phone and in the office. I would highly recommend Greg as an attorney and plan go back to him in the future.
Above and Beyond
Mr. Martin is a very professional person. He was very dedicated to my case, listened to everything I had to say, gave me my options and let me chose the course I wanted to take while advising me of what he felt would be best. He was there for me when no one else was in a completely respectful and professional way. I would recommend him to anyone.

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If you decide to retain the services of Attorney Martin, he becomes an effective advocate for you and your position. Attorney Martin will take whatever steps are necessary within the bounds of professional ethics to represent you and to advance your case. Attorney Martin works for you alone. You make the decisions after he has offered you your options. Attorney Martin may not agree with your ultimate decision but it is your case and your life which are affected.

Attorney Martin is obligated to inform you when he feels that he can no longer effectively represent your interests. If that is the case, after informing you, he will withdraw from his representation in a confidential, ethical way and assist you in finding other legal representation.

Attorney Martin understands that cost management is a fundamental concern for most clients. He prides himself on keeping clients informed of legal expenses and working efficiently and smartly to keep costs and fees to a minimum while providing effective legal representation.

Everything you say to Attorney Martin is confidential. He will not share that information with anyone without your permission, except in very limited circumstances as required by the law and ethical rules.

Responsiveness, reliability, and results are the cornerstones of client relationships with attorneys. Attorney Martin strives to achieve those goals when working with you.

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Family Law

A good share of Attorney Martin's practice focuses on family law matters including divorce, issues involving children, child support, alimony, guardianship proceedings, termination of parental rights, and prenuptial agreements. He has experience in highly contested cases perhaps involving complicated business and real estate valuations. He has experience in uncontested matters as well. Attorney Martin can process your uncontested divorce in an expeditious and affordable way.
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If at all possible, why would you let a judge make the important decisions for your family? Sometimes all you need is someone to facilitate the discussion so that you can reach a mutually acceptable solution on your own. Mediation between the disputing parties may be the answer. Gregory Martin is a New Hampshire certified family mediator and he has practiced, promoted, and taught mediation. He is able to bring his skills as a mediator to the table while at the same time sharing with the parties the benefit of his many years of experience and background as a family law litigator.

If you are interested in Gregory Martin's services as a mediator, be sure to say so at your initial contact. Mr. Martin cannot give legal advice to you as your attorney and also be your mediator because of ethical considerations in maintaining the mediator's neutrality.

Estate Planning

Attorney Martin drafts basic estate planning documents including wills, powers of attorney and living trusts. He also represents clients in contested probate matters whether it involve a guardianship over an incapacitated individual, or an attempt to terminate parental rights. Probate is a lengthy and sometimes expensive court process to administer a decedent's estate. Through the use of effective estate planning techniques, a person may avoid the probate process saving time and money while at the same time preserving confidentiality.
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Workers' Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to certain benefits under New Hampshire and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Law. Attorney Martin is familiar with that law and can assist you in receiving everything to which you are entitled. It is important for you to understand whether you should receive disability benefits, vocational skills, or a permanent impairment award for your injury. Attorney Martin has the knowledge and experience in this area to protect your rights.
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The laws of the State of New Hampshire and Commonwealth of Massachusetts are complicated when it comes to landlord/tenant matters. You want to make sure you have effective representation when there is a dispute between a landlord and a tenant. Attorney Martin is familiar and experienced with this area of the law and is able to represent you in drafting a lease, in an eviction proceeding, or any kind of dispute between a landlord or a tenant.

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